Office Cleaning Tips During Covid-19 – Check The Important Ones Now

The Coronavirus pandemic has left everyone distraught and wretched the economy. A good side effect of the virus is that of paying careful attention to hygiene, sanitation, and cleanliness.

With the economies slowly opening to business in the entire world, offices need to have a properly sanitized environment for workers, so that they don’t catch the virus while working.

Here, we share some office cleaning Bloomington tips for a routine cleaning at your facility.

• Wear face masks (the ones with shields would be preferable!)
• Use disposable gloves (necessary to avoid direct contact!) to clean & disinfect.
• Use soap and water solution to clean the areas.
• By using this solution, you reduce the impact of germs, impurities, and dirt on surfaces.
• Focus on frequently touched surfaces, such as doorknobs or handles, POS keypads, handles, desks, phones, light switches, tables, keyboards, mouse, sinks, faucets, sinks, countertops, etc.
• Use only EPA-registered household disinfectant for disinfecting the areas.
• Don’t try chemical solutions or formulas that you don’t know of or aren’t recommended by the experts.
• You can do normal window washing Bloomington for cleanliness, but they don’t require disinfection if they don’t come in direct contact with people.
• Soft surfaces like rugs, carpets, sofas, etc. can be disinfected using the disinfectant. You can do general cleaning using soap and water.

Though the above seems quite easy, it may take more time to do. You can choose to do the same by own or hire professionals who are trained in Covid-19 cleaning services.

Upholstery Cleaning Tips – How to Remove Different Types of Stains

The absorbent upholstery is tough to clean and sometimes may cause you a headache. We share some exciting tips to solve this problem at home with less trouble.

We highlight some common upholstery cleaning Bloomington tips for your benefit.

• Cleaning Food Stains – Binge-watchers love to do everything on their favorite couches, but accidental food spills discourage them to watch another series on Netflix.

Take one tablespoon of dish soap in one cup of water (cold/normal) and apply it on the stain using a cloth dampened in the solution.

To remove grease spots, apply baking soda to soak up the excess. Later, you can eliminate the residues with the help of some dishwashing liquid and toothbrush.

• Beverage spill removal – The upholstery may not get the coffee’s taste, but it will surely soak up the stain to cause you irritation.

In cases as such, mix a teaspoon of detergent with warm water and splotch it with a paper towel. However, if the stains persist, you can use a solution of vinegar (1/3) and water (2/3) to clean the upholstery. Let it air-dry.

• Removal of ink stains – Ink stains can become impossible to clean for most of the cases, especially if you don’t know the trick.

Pour some alcohol and rub on the ink stain and leave it for ½ an hour. Then, dab on the stain by slowly moving from the corners to the middle.

Some of these handy hacks for upholstery cleaning help a lot. But, these are different from those of rug cleaning Bloomington methods, so don’t try it on rugs or carpets.

Are You Using Shampoo To Clean Carpets? Read This Immediately!

Shampoos, being the first choice for carpet cleaning in both office and home, effectively get rid of tough stains, but their residues (that are mostly not removed) attract more dust and dirt.

Have you been trying shampoos all the time to remove stubborn stains off the carpet? If yes, then it’s time to focus on cleaning it properly and not just for stain removal.

Shampoo residues can cause:

• Sticky entrapments
• Bubble-like elements
• Take away smoothness
• Attract more dirt and dust

The specialists or experts offering professional carpet cleaning usually recommend the use of shampoos or soap water for cleaning when they can be properly removed from the carpet. It’s typical of shampoos, even on hair, to stick around until washed thoroughly for their proper extraction.

Though you can’t undo the fact of what shampoos can do to your carpet, the cleaning can improve via careful rinsing and drying. It may stall 3-4 days of your daily life or schedule because carpets don’t dry that easy. Perhaps, you may try steam dry cleaning for some quick results.

Buying a steam carpet cleaning equipment will cost you relatively high. Rather, you can hire any eco friendly commercial cleaning company for their high-quality services at cheap prices. Benefits of hiring these professionals include:

• Quick and effective cleaning
• The drying process is fast
• Reduces hassle and trouble
• No need to switch on fans all the time (Phew!)
• Costs less!

In the end, you should have a clean, hygienic, and odor-free carpet at home or office.

How To DIY Clean My Furniture Upholstery?

From bread crumbs to obstinate stains, these DIY tips help you clean it properly.

The couch potato in you does binge on TV series and action movies, but it may not have that amount of fun & exhilaration on a dirty lounge couch. Dirt like bread crumbs, pet hair, oil, etc. make it soiled like hell, but you can clean it up following these methods.

• Steady and stable vacuuming

Bring that vacuuming device into play for a steady period of cleaning. Don’t miss the corners, for they have the most dirt accumulated. In case you’re getting troubled collecting pet hair, apply a lint roller for removing them.

• Clean non-upholstery areas

Use some warm water and dish soap (liquid) for cleaning the wood or metal areas in the foot, sidearm, and rest non-fabric areas.

• Follow the instructions to clean upholstery

Does your couch have upholstery cleaning Bloomington label? Determine the codes written on it for cleaning accordingly. For example, if it says S, then you should apply a dry cleaner detergent only for cleaning purposes. Commercial cleaning products help you clean rugged stains on the upholstery. Nevertheless, you can also make homemade cleaners using natural ingredients.

• Some natural cleaning formulas

If you have leather upholstery on furniture, you can mix ¼ cup of vinegar with ½ cup of olive oil and store it in a spray bottle for the easy application on the stained areas. Then, wipe those areas using a soft cloth.

After having said that, we recommend you call professionals for upholstery and rug cleaning Bloomington for high-quality treatment of those essential items in your home without letting you troubled.

How Can I Clean My Carpet Naturally?

Dirty, smelly, and stained carpets are hard to clean. However, you can choose the following eco-friendly methods for carpet cleaning.

• Dusting & Vacuuming

Just like you do every weekend, perform a step above with these activities this time. Debris, dust, and dry dirt accumulated over the rug or carpet gets easily vacuumed its way to the machine’s dust-collecting pouch. Be careful while disseminating solid articles from the collection, which may include sharp objects like nails, pins, needs, etc.

Natural on-the-spot treatments

Well, it’s not the same kind professional carpet cleaning team would be doing for stain removal, but it’s effective if you apply regular home-based products like salt to clean mud/dirt or wine, baking soda for stubborn stains, and cornstarch for grease. In some cases, like the baking soda, you have to wait a long time for naturally cleaning and getting rid of dirt & odor coming out of it.

• Use eco-friendly shampoo rug or carpet cleaner

The marketplace offers a broad variety of eco-friendly cleaning products with plant-based ingredients and enzymes for cleaning sturdy stains on the carpet. You should follow the instructions on their respective labels for wiping off the muck without damaging the carpet’s texture or appearance.

If all of the above seems too difficult for you to manage, you should opt for eco friendly commercial cleaning services to handle the daunting task using high-quality and environmentally-friendly cleaning kits. These professionals charge affordable costs for cleaning jobs and provide timely assistance to their customers.

Check Out the Best and Recommended Tips for Office Cleaning

The spread of this pandemic has left everyone startled and worried for a long time. Perhaps, only finding the cleaner to do the job won’t help. You need to apply more efforts for sanitizing and securing a proper environment for office-visiting employees.

Let’s begin it from here, without further ado.

One-way wipe down the frequently touched areas

Doorknobs, countertops, and workstations are the common areas where people come in direct contact with their hands. Use a cloth for wiping it down one-way, so that you don’t use the same cloth again to unintentionally deposit the germs.

Know what chemicals or sanitizers to use

The US EPA enlists various disinfectants that share a proper ‘history’ of disinfecting areas. You should discover this list of chemicals and start sanitizing your office workspace.

• Color-coded cleaning supplies

Would you want the same cleaning cloth for the bathroom and kitchen? People usually do mix-ups and end up having a troubling time. So, pick color-coded cleaning supplies for the kitchen and bathroom that avoids any confusion.

Professional cleaning team

Can you build a team of people for cleaning the areas? If that’s feasible, you may do it. However, we don’t recommend this idea. Having a professional company for office cleaning Bloomington is apt, especially when they strictly follow the guidelines.

From office cleaning to window washing Bloomington, these trusted professionals maintain the highest standards of hygiene, cleanliness, and sanitation – more than anyone else. In 2020, these companies have adopted stringent measures for staff and consumer safety.